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Festive Free Range - Naturaw




Returning to a fanfare of sleigh bells and slightly annoying Christmas songs on repeat, Naturaw's limited edition Festive Free Range is back for 2023! A sublime mince of free range British Turkey with a free range pork & parsley stuffing.

60% Free Range British Boneless Pork
30% Free Range British Turkey Meat & Bone
10% Free Range British Pork Liver
0.5% Organic Parsley

Moisture 65.6% / Protein 16.7% Fat 14.1% / Ash (inorganic Matter) 1.7% / Fibre 0.1%

The tray is made from natural wood fibres which are sourced from FSC certified and renewable Nordic forests. For every tree that Naturaw take out, three more are planted – which means it’s more than sustainable, the forests are carbon positive! Trays can be recycled with cardboard once rinsed, or composted. The film is NOT plastic, it is instead a plant based film which is, you guessed it: home compostable too.