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JR Pet Products

  • £1.75

    4 Pure Sticks

    4 of JR Pet Products' Award Winning Pure Meat Sticks Sticks will be a random selection from the 12 Pure Stick varieties: Chicken, Beef, Turkey, Lam...

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  • £14.25

    1kg Dried Chicken Feet - JR Pet Products

    1kg A natural source of glucosamine, great for joint pain Helps promote and maintain strong joints A real, natural, healthy treat No additives or p...

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  • £9.99

    60cm Rabbit Skin with Hair - JR Pet Products

    250g The Primal Range - It is widely believed that the hair helps to aid the natural worming process. Perfectly air-dried Bag contains around 5-6 ...

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  • £4.99

    Beef Air Pipe - JR Pet Products

    200g 100% air dried beef trachea Natural Source of glucosamine & chondroitin Low fat  Protein 72.12%, Natural oils & fats 17.87%, Moisture ...

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  • £5.95

    Beef Slice 75cm - JR Pet Products

    75cm Beef Headskin Slice For dedicated chewers!

  • £2.80

    Beef Tail

    Single Natural Beef Tails are the perfect long lasting dog chew – they’re simply dried beef tails containing no artificial additives or preservativ...

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  • £5.99

    Braided Lamb - JR Pet Products

    100g 100% lamb Single-source protein treat with no additives, no preservatives nothing!  Safe and highly digestible treat for your pet

  • Sold out

    Braided Ostrich 5 pack - JR Pet Products

    5 pack Promotes dental cleaning & oral hygiene. Aids with natural teeth flossing. Low odour, non-greasy, no mess Suitable for dogs of all ages...

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  • £6.99

    Buffalo Horn

    Medium  A long lasting natural chew Stuff with mince / treats / dog friendly yoghurt etc. for extra enrichment!

  • £2.10

    Bull Pizzle

    12cm No additives or preservatives Air dried to maintain goodness Long lasting Suitable for all breeds Gluten and grain free Analytical Constituent...

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  • £1.50

    5 Dried Chicken Feet

    5 Dried chicken feet. A natural treat your dog will love!

  • £4.99

    Dried Lamb Tripe - JR Pet Products

    150g 25cm strips of dehydrated lamb tripe

  • £1.25

    Empty Hooves

    Single A natural, safe chew that can be filled for extra enrichment

  • £3.75

    Fish Fingers - JR Pet Products

    75g Made from 100% fish skins in UK Rough texture which help remove tartar from dogs teeth  Have a taste dogs adore  Hypoallergenic   Grain Free  ...

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  • £0.50

    Hairy Rabbit Ear

    Single Natural healthy treat

  • £1.60

    Iberian Pig's Ear

    Single The truly gourmet pigs ear made from pure-bred, free range Iberian pigs that graze amongst the acorn oaks of Andalusia in Spain Contain Vit...

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  • £0.50

    Natural Rabbit Ear

    Individual hairless rabbit ear Perfect as a treat

  • £5.99

    Natural Twists - JR Pet Products

    100g 100% twisted beef bladder, a natural rawhide alternative The perfect low fat irresistible chew. A tasty treat suitable for all dogs Low fat &...

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  • £3.10

    Ostrich Braid

    Single braid 100% Ostrich tendons braided High lean protein very LOW fat Excellent dental hygiene that cleans gums and flosses teeth Hypoallergeni...

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  • £7.99

    Ostrich Curls - JR Pet Products

    80g Full of natural vitamins and minerals, Ostrich Curls are the perfect anytime snack! Super low fat and low odour Perfect healthy anytime treat ...

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  • £9.50

    Porky Snouts - JR Pet Products

    500g 100% digestible and highly palatable Promotes healthy and clean teeth Satisfies the natural chewing instinct Air dried to maintain natural go...

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  • from £3.99

    Pure Pate 200g - JR Pet Products

    200g This JR Pate is extremely versatile, use as a treat, training treat or a complete food. Available in a variety of protein flavours: beef, chic...

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    from £3.99
  • from £5.99

    Pure Pate 400g - JR Pet Products

    400g This JR Pate is extremely versatile, use as a treat, training treat or a complete food. Available in a variety of protein flavours: beef, chic...

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    from £5.99
  • from £9.99

    Pure Pate 800g - JR Pet Products

    Slice it - Dice it - Cube it - Cut it - Stuff it - Spread it - Sprinkle it Made from 100% fresh meat... That's it! A complete & complimentary f...

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    from £9.99