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  • from £14.95

    Green Lipped Mussel Powder - Aniforte

    100g | 250g Green Lipped Mussel Powder is particularly rich in specially selected amino acids also present in the natural synovial joint fluid. Whe...

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    from £14.95
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    Itchy Skin Spray - Antforte

    500ml Grass Mite Protection Itchy Skin Spray for Dogs has been developed to provide 100% natural protection against grass mites. Grass mites are in...

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  • from £6.99

    Natural Moor Mud - Aniforte

    300g | 750g Benefits of Moor Mud: ✔ Supports your dog’s or cat's gastrointestinal activity ✔ Binds and flushes out harmful substances in the intest...

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    from £6.99
  • from £11.65

    Salmon Oil - Aniforte

    500ml | 1l 100% salmon oil (premium-quality from Norway), cold-pressed. Omega 3 Salmon Oil is a 100% natural, high-quality source of omega-3, EPA, ...

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    from £11.65
  • £7.95

    Seaweed Powder - Aniforte

    250g Seaweed (Ascophyllum Nodosum) contains high levels of valuable vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, and natural minerals. The rich combinati...

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