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Mixed Meat

  • £19.75

    Mixed Box Completes (8 x 1kg packs) - Totally Natural

    Variety of different packs from Totally' Natural's range A coarse, chunky 80/10/10 mince Please specify any special requests in the Notes section a...

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    Mixed Box (14x454g packs) - DAF

    Durham Animal Feeds Assorted Box of 14 x 454g packs - individually frozen Assorted meats and tripe A range of at least 8 different products but nor...

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  • £9.25

    Mixed Grill - Rawtdoor

    Rawtdoor Air Dried Mixed Grill  450g 100% locally sourced Chicken Nuggets, Pork Nuggets, Beef Liver, Lamb trachea, Beef Trachea, Beef Tripe Sticks,...

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