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  • from £2.15

    Boneless Beef Formula - Nutriment

    Nutriment Boneless Beef Formula 1.4kg or 500g Contains 85% fresh meat and offal- does not contain boneBritish Beef Heart, British Beef Green Tripe...

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    from £2.15
  • £5.00

    Tripe Chunks 2kg - Bulmer

    2kg Individually frozen beef tripe chunks Boneless

  • from £2.25

    Tripe Mince - Totally Natural

    Beef Tripe Mince  Available in: 1kg pack Bulk Buy Box - 8 x 1kg packs Coarse chunky mince, boneless

    from £2.25
  • £2.70

    Beef Tongue - Rawtdoor

    Rawtdoor Diced Beef Tongue 500g Hand diced chunks of beef tongue, pressed flat for easy storage Complimentary food, to be fed as part of a balanced...

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  • £4.60

    Sirloin/Rump Beef Chunks - Furry Feasts

    1kg Rump/Sirloin chunks, cut into individual frozen cubes for easy serving, Complementary feed Protein 16.6     Fat 8.8      Moisture 72     Fibre ...

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    Beef Chunks 2kg - Bulmer

    2kg Approx. 2 inch cubes  Individually frozen for easy portioning

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  • £13.10

    Best Beef Tripe - DAF

    14 x 454g individually frozen packs Beef tripe mince

  • from £2.95

    Pork Diced - Rawtdoor

    Rawtdoor Diced Pork Shoulder Available in 500g pack 1Kg pack Hand-diced British pork 

    from £2.95
  • £6.45

    Horse Chunks - The Dog's Butcher

    The Dog's Butcher Horse Chunks 1kg Boneless From native wild, drug free ponies

  • from £1.30

    Diced Lamb Tripe - Rawtdoor

    Rawtdoor Diced Lamb Tripe Hand-diced British lamb tripe, flat packed in a resealable, ziplock bag 1kg or 500g pack

    from £1.30
  • £3.25

    Pork & Ox Mince - The Dog's Butcher

    The Dog's Butcher Pork & Ox Mince 1kg A boneless blend of 50% pork heart, boar chunks, pig pluck, 50% ox heart, meaty ox chunks, ox lung  Mince...

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  • £2.80

    Ox Tripe Mince - The Dog's Butcher

    The Dog's Butcher Ox Tripe Mince 1kg Boneless coarsely minced ox tripe.  Ox tripe is not as strong smelling as lamb tripe (although it's still not ...

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  • £6.45

    White Fish Chunks 2kg - Bulmer

    2kg May contain fish bone Approx. 2" cubes Individually frozen for easy portioning

  • £1.85

    Chicken Hearts - Rawtdoor

    Rawtdoor Chicken Hearts 500g 100% whole British chicken hearts, flat packed in a reasalable ziplock bag

  • £5.35

    Goat Chunks - The Dog's Butcher

    The Dog's Butcher Goat Chunks 500g Boneless

  • £3.55

    Lamb Hearts - The Dog's Butcher

    The Dog's Butcher Lamb Hearts 4 whole lamb hearts per pack

  • £1.40

    Pure Green Tripe Mince - MJ Pet Foods

    MJ Pet Foods Pure Green Tripe Mince 520g 100% green tripe, in convenient 4 x 130g block packs. Perfect for complimentary feeding and diluting ...

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  • £1.30

    Boneless Pork Mince - MJ Pet Foods

    MJ Pet Foods Boneless Pork Mince 560gBoneless pork mince, conveniently packed into 4 individual 140g cubes

  • £2.70

    Beef Tripe Chunks - DAF

    1kg  Whole beef tripe cut into chunks and frozen for your dog to get its teeth around. No artificial colour, preservatives, additives cereals or fi...

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  • £19.00

    Goat Tripe Mince - DAF

    14 x 454g individually frozen packs Frozen minced Goat Tripe Cuts Moisture 73%, Protein, 14%, Oil 11%, Ash 2%

  • £3.20

    Offal Mix - The Dog's Butcher

    The Dog's Butcher Offal Mix 750g 50% ox/pig liver 50% pig testicle/ox kidney/ox spleen  Mixed 50/50 offal should make up approx 10% of your dogs diet

  • £1.30

    Beef Liver Diced - Rawtdoor

    Rawtdoor Beef Liver 500g  Hand-diced British beef liver, flat packed in a resealable ziplock bag

  • £4.00

    Chicken Diced - Rawtdoor

    Rawtdoor Diced Chicken Hand-diced boneless British chicken  1kg Protein 18.3 Fat 5.9 Moisture 73.3 Fibre 1.3 Ash 1.2

  • £5.10

    Boar Chunks - The Dog's Butcher

    The Dog's Butcher Boar Chunks 1kg Meat from an entire male pig (generally lower in fat than pork) Boneless