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  • from £9.99

    Pure Pate 800g - JR Pet Products

    Slice it - Dice it - Cube it - Cut it - Stuff it - Spread it - Sprinkle it Made from 100% fresh meat... That's it! A complete & complimentary f...

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    from £9.99
  • £1.50

    Large Goat Braid

    Approx. 30cm Anco Naturals Goat Braids are great long-lasting chews. A perfect dental aid, they can help to remove tartar from your dogs teeth.  Go...

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  • £0.95

    Hairy Goat Ear

    Single Hairy Goat Ears are a perfect natural chew for dogs. They are lower in fat and softer than pigs or cows ears whilst satisfying the chewing i...

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  • £1.10

    Goat Tube

    Single 100% Goat trachea · NO Artificial Colourings · NO Artificial Fragrances · NO Artificial Flavours · NO Preservatives · NO Additives Gluten Fr...

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  • £3.99

    Goat & Beef - Raw Made Simple

    500g Goat with bone mince 35%, Beef tripe 35% , Beef Heart 20%, Beef Offal 10% A tasty meal with coarse minced Goat with bone.  A great texture for...

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  • £2.10

    Hairy Goat Foot

    Single Leaving the hair on, whilst the chew is digested, any parasites in the digestive tract cling to the hair which are then passed through. Cont...

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  • £0.75

    Medium Goat Braid

    Single Approx. 20cm Goat braids are an excellent option for those who have common protein allergies or food sensitivities as they are hypoallergeni...

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  • £4.60

    Goat Horn - Anco

    100% Goat Horn These pure and durable long lasting chews are much less likely to splinter then processed bones, as the chewing grinds the horn down...

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  • £0.50

    Goat Pizzle

    Single Anco Goat Pizzles are a great high quality treat. The tougher element to these treats offers a satisfying chewing texture for your dog that ...

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  • £11.75

    Boneless Goat Chunks - Premium Raw

    1kg 100% goat chunks

  • £2.70

    Goat Tripe - Anco

    100g Anco Naturals Goat Tripe contains naturally occurring probiotics and digestive enzymes, promoting healthy gut bacteria and aiding your dog's d...

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  • Sold out

    Goat Chunks - The Dog's Butcher

    500g pack Large boneless chunks of locally sourced goat  Typical analysis per 100g: Water 65.5%, Protein 19.6%, Fat 14.7%, Ash 0.2%, Fibre 0%

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    from £6.65

    Goat - Meat Love

    400g | 800g • Single protein, 100% goat  • Cereal and gluten-free. Perfect lightly cooked raw alternative 80% goat (composed of 70% goat meat and g...

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    from £6.65
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  • £4.60

    Goat Ribs & Spine - The Dog's Butcher

    1kg  Locally sourced Goat  Bones must be given under supervision.

  • £2.65

    Giant Goat Braid - Anco

    Anco Giant Goat Braids can be a great alternative to other more widely available proteins if your dog has common protein allergies/intolerances or ...

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  • £3.50

    Mega Goat Braid - Anco

    Approximately 50cm. Contain only 100% Goat NO Artificial Colourings NO Artificial Fragrances NO Artificial Flavours NO Preservatives NO Additives ...

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  • £5.50

    Mega Goat Horn - Anco

    Made of fibrous keratin rather than bone, great for cleaning teeth and won't become sticky or slimy upon chewing. Anco Goat Horns are much less lik...

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  • £6.25

    Goat Spaghetti - JR Pet Products

    50g A fully digestible dog treat Rich in goodness No additives or preservatives Gluten free Grain free Air dried to maintain natural goodness Low ...

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  • £25.00

    Goat Mince Box - DAF

    14 x 454g packs COMPOSITION:Minced Goat meat (80%), bone (10%),liver (5%), other offal (5%) TYPICAL ANALYSISMoisture 73%, Protein, 14%, Oil 11%, As...

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