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Premium Raw

  • £4.20

    Beef Heart Chunks - Premium Raw

    1kg Beef heart chunks. Heart is rich in iron and zinc, and is a great source of thiamin, vitamin B6 and B12, phosphorus, copper and selenium. Howev...

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  • £2.45

    Beef Knuckle (2 pcs) - Premium Raw

    Approx. 2250g A great recreational chew

  • Sold out

    Beef Marrow Bones (3 pcs) - Premium Raw

    Approx 1200g. Great for your dog to chew recreationally!

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  • £2.85

    Beef Trachea (3 pcs) - Premium Raw

    3 piece per pack High in protein, low in fat. Tasty snack for all dogs. 100% trachea packed with glucosamine & chondroitin

  • £6.25

    Boneless Beef Chunks - Premium Raw

    1kg Boneless beef trim chunks

  • £4.99

    Boneless Chicken Chunks - Premium Raw

    1kg 100% boneless chicken

  • £11.50

    Boneless Goat Chunks - Premium Raw

    1kg 100% goat chunks

  • £6.30

    Boneless Horse Chunks - Premium Raw

    1kg Boneless horse chunks

  • £8.65

    Boneless Lamb Chunks - Premium Raw

    1kg 100% lamb

  • £3.20

    Boneless Pork Chunks - Premium Raw

    1kg Boneless pork chunks

  • £5.95

    Boneless Venison Chunks - Premium Raw

    1kg 100% venison chunks

  • £3.55

    Chicken Feet - Premium Raw

    1kg Individually frozen chicken feet Chicken feet are high in glucosamine & chondroitin so are great for helping to support joint health as par...

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  • £3.25

    Chicken Hearts Chunks - Premium Raw

    1kg Whole chicken hearts frozen into blocks of approx. 100-150g for easy portioning and thawing

  • £2.95

    Chicken Neck Chunks - Premium Raw

    1kg 100% chicken neck chunks

  • £3.35

    Chicken Wings - Premium Raw

    1kg A mentally stimulating element of a DIY meal, or a healthy treat for a larger dog

  • Sold out

    Duck Feet - Premium Raw

    1kg Frozen duck feet. Simply delicious and can help to keep teeth clean

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  • £3.25

    Duck Wings - Premium Raw

    1kg Duck wings are a great addition to a DIY meal, or a tasty treat!

  • £3.30

    Goose Feet - Premium Raw Treats

    1kg Individually frozen goose feet

  • Sold out

    Goose Necks (3) - Premium Raw

    3 pieces Individually frozen goose necks Soft bone. Ideal for dogs over 10 weeks of age, or as a starter bone.

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  • £3.25

    Goose Wings - Premium Raw

    1kg Individually frozen goose wings  

  • £4.95

    Horse Ears - Premium Raw

    500g Frozen horse ears with hair

  • Sold out

    Horse Heart Chunks - Premium Raw

    1kg 100% horse heart. Heart is a muscle meat but can be rich for some dogs so feed sparingly Horse meat contains all the essential amino acids in c...

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  • £4.10

    Lamb Hearts - Premium Raw

    1kg Lamb hearts are a richer muscle meat and a good source of zinc and iron

  • £4.30

    Salmon Chunks - Premium Raw

    1kg Great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which support the immune system, may decrease inflammation, and can keep your dog’s coat looking shiny and...

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