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Now open Mondays 10am-5pm | Shop in store 6 days a week
Now open Mondays 10am-5pm | Shop instore 6 days a week

PowAir Block


As a pet lover, it’s always a relief to be able to effectively eliminate unwanted pet odours from your home. With PowAir solid odour neutraliser, you can eliminate pet odours quickly and easily. 

The PowAir Pet Odour Removal Block acts as a dependable solid odour neutraliser, effectively eliminating pet odours as they occur. Just position the product in any area where pet smells linger, and let its natural odour-eliminating properties do the work for you! This pet-safe odour eliminator is crafted with a blend off plant based ingredients and is perfect for use in smaller spaces

PowAir’s solid odour neutraliser is an innovative product designed to eliminate pet odours. It uses a unique, natural formula that actively captures and neutralises odours on contact, without masking agents or perfumes. With its special formulation, it is also safe for use around children and pets. This natural odour removal product has been tested and is perfect for use in residential and commercial environments, making it the perfect solution for removing cat litter tray smells and other pet odours.

Ingredients: Water, propylene glycol, sodium stearate and essential oils.