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Lungworm Kit - Feclab

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An safe and non toxic alternative to administering usually unnecessary commercial wormers. Why give your dog a worm treatment (not preventative), if they aren't carrying a worm burden in the first place?

Simply fill in the information in the kit, pop the samples in the packaging and free post envelope provided, then wait a couple of days for your results to be emailed or texted to you!

Unlike intestinal parasites, lungworms reside in the lungs of a dog. Most dogs will not show any signs of having lungworms, but some can develop a cough.

Snails and slugs are popular intermediate hosts of this type of parasite, but dogs are usually infected after eating a bird or rodent who has ingested an intermediate host or drinking from streams or puddles.

The Lungworm faecal sample test is done using a technique called Baermann flotation , which may show larvae of both Angiostrongylus and Crenosoma but bear in mind that larvae may only be present intermittently in the faeces and dogs may show clinical signs such as coughing prior to the larvae being present in the faeces.

The faecal sample is suspended in a solution for 24 hours, then analysed, Lungworm Faecal tests are not 100% , if you know of Lungworm cases in your area a veterinary blood test is advisable.