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Shop now also open Mondays 10am-2pm
Shop now also open Mondays 10am-2pm

Chill Out Ice Bandana - All For Paws


S | M | L | XL

The All for Paws Cooling Relief Ice Bandana for Dogs is an effective way of keeping your dog cool even during the summer months. The Dog Bandana is simply activated by plunging into water for one minute (approx.) then wringing out any excess moisture. The Bandana will retain moisture for hours, once it dries out it can be quickly re activated by plunging back into water.

 The Cooling Relief Bandana employs the "Kelvinator effect" which means that as the moisture evaporates from the bandana your dog's temperature will be lowered so they stay happy and healthy. The Bandana is lightweight and soft with an adjustable fastening for a comfortable and secure fit on your dog.

Cool machine wash or hand wash with a mild detergent and allow to air dry naturally. Do not tumble dry.
Small - Neck Size: 11.8" - 14.2" / 30cm - 36cm
Medium - Neck Size: 15" - 18.1" / 38cm - 46cm
Large - Neck Size: 17.3" - 20.4" / 44cm - 52cm
X Large - Neck Size: 20.8" - 24.4" / 53cm - 62cm