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Lickimat Cat Sprinkles

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Lickimat Sprinkles are freshly baked biscuits that have been crushed into small crumbs to shake on to a Lickimat.

Lickimat sprinkles is a fast and fresh shake-on baked treat that will keep you cat engaged for ages while taking only seconds to prepare.
This is the first proven anti-anxiety and boredom buster on the market.

Simply wet the LickiMat using water or any other tasty liquid creating a damp surface for the Sprinkles to stick to. Shake the Sprinkles onto the damp surface evenly. A small amount is all that is needed. The Sprinkles will stick to the corners of the mat, entertaining your pet for up to 40 minutes.

Low in calories
Contains no wheat, sugar or salt

Recommended and used by vets, animal trainers and pet behaviourists