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Furbalisious Powder - Herbal Dog Co.


250ml | 1-2 months supply

The skin is an organ – and one of your dog’s most important! And now you can keep your dog’s skin and coat in super condition with this skin and coat powder, containing fenugreek seed, a combination of sea weeds and micronised flax seed, as well as pre and probiotics. Fenugreek seeds possess anti-inflammatory properties which can be helpful in the relief of symptoms attributed to skin conditions such as eczema, as well as coughs and cystitis.

This product also contains enzymes which are recognised as being beneficial for dogs with eczema, alopecia, dandruff and dermatitis. Other benefits of fenugreek seed for dogs include its ability to help digestion, neutralise free radicals, and assist in the balancing of blood sugar. They contain a mix of carbohydrates, protein, thiamine, and dietary fibres, as well as several vitamins.

How to use:

  • Dogs 9kg and under, 1 teaspoon with food or plain yogurt.
  • Dogs 10kg and over, 2 teaspoons with food or plain yogurt.
  • For best results take daily.

Ingredients; A Combination of Sea weeds, Micronised Flax Seed, Fenugreek seed & Pre & Probiotic’s plus enzymes

  • No Palm Oil
  • No chemicals
  • No nasty stuff