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Grass Fed Lamb - Hug Working Dog



Hug Working Dog recipes deliver naturally balanced nutrition to your busy pooch. Antarctic krill, the best source of omega-3, supports optimal brain and joint health, and vitamin E reduces cell damage. Top quality muscle meat, bone and cartilage ensure the right balance of amino acids and micronutrients.  Seasonal veggies, prebiotics, and antioxidants cultivate a happy microbiome. Every meal is complete, grain free, and must only be fed raw due to bone content.

Lamb 70% (meat, offal 10%), lamb bone 10%, seasonal mixed vegetables 20%, seasonal herb blend (organic distilled MSM, wildcrafted boswellia, nettle, rosehip, moringa, chia seed, celery seed), Antarctic krill.

Moisture 70%, protein 14.3%, crude fibre 1.1%, fat content 11.4%, crude ash 2.3%