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Moggi Raw Cat Food


500g (10 x 50g balls)

All Moggi minces are made from ethically sourced, high welfare British meats.  Each meal contains a balance of meat, bone and offal.  Taurine is added as standard to all meals to ensure the freezing process has not reduced the natural taurine levels in the red meats and offal used.

Each resealable pouch contains 10 x 50g balls. 

These portioned meals make feeding your cat a fresh raw diet hassle and waste free.

Lamb + Chicken

Quality British lamb trim/heart/lung, free range chicken meat and bone, lamb offal (liver, kidney and spleen) kelp, spirulina and taurine.  

Protein 18.9% Fat 4.7% Moisture 74.4% Ash 1.1% Fibre 0.1%

Taurine per kg 1350mg

Beef + Turkey

British grass fed beef (heart and tongue), free range turkey thigh meat and bone, ox kidney & ox liver, kelp, spirulina and taurine. 

Protein 18.6% Fat 7.2% Moisture 71.4% Ash 1% Fibre 0.1%

Taurine per kg 1350mg

Pork + Duck

Locally sourced pork (heart and tongue), free range duck meat and bone, pork kidney & pork liver, kelp, spirulina and taurine.  

Protein 17.3% Fat 14.2% Moisture 65.8% Ash 1.3% Fibre 0.6%

Taurine per kg 1350mg