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Garlic Tablets - Dorwest


100 or 200 tablets

Garlic has been recognised for its beneficial health properties for millennia and is still being investigated today to further quantify its health-giving abilities. Garlic contains active compounds that are proven to help the body remain strong against disease, so it is brilliant for supporting overall health, but particularly the respiratory and circulatory systems. It is also thought to help maintain the body's defences against parasites and infectious agents, such as viruses and bacteria.

Garlic is full of natural active compounds, proven to have health benefits across the body, as well as amino acids that are essential for growth and repair.

 Dorwest Garlic Tablets pack all the health power of garlic into an easy-to-give formulation for your pet to take daily. They use only the best quality garlic and garlic oil, to ensure that our Garlic Tablets are at a consistently high standard.

1 tablet per 5kg bodyweight daily.

Can be given in conjunction with any other medication